Everyone knows when they were born! 

Only a lucky few get to discover WHY!

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When you know your WHY,

WHAT you do has more impact!

If you are feeling like you lack purpose, maybe you feel a little bit lost or uncertain about where you life is heading? Maybe you are at a crossroads and are not sure which way to turn? When you discover your WHY everything will become clear...

It seems like just about everyone you see has their S***T together - they all seem to "know their purpose" and their life "has meaning" and then you look at yourself and you think; What's my WHY? What is my purpose?


You might be thinking that finding out your WHY takes something special - after all the people who talk about their WHY are always those who are making big difference, playing a bigger game! 


You might be worried, thinking it is going to take too long or be too complicated - or perhaps you are thinking even when I work out my WHY what difference will it make?


This is the reason the Discover your WHY workshop is a game changer!  You will not only get introduced to the reasons your WHY matters, you will get to discover yours using the special WHY Discovery online assessment. Yet there is more, you will also discover the language that people with your WHY use. You will also get to learn the strengths and potential drawbacks of your WHY - this will help you tune into your motivation, work out how you best 'fit' into the world around you and uncover your passion.

Knowing your WHY helps you:

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Build a better life
  • Gain more success
  • Achieve more personal fulfilment
  • Ignite your Passion

Here is what discovering their WHY has done for others...

"It was an eye opener. Its so interesting how a survey can be so right on the money because I looked back in my life and very early in my career and every single experience I can remember in my life that had significance in my career, I was developing a strategic road map to do things better! And so its just so interesting!"


Marion Weiler, President, Weiler International

Discovering my why was like finding that a section of my brain had lit up. Because it was always there, I just didn’t know what it was. And suddenly there was this framework that wasn’t just like 'oh that’s interesting…' it was like 'OHH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THAT ALREADY' and I could look back at things and be like 'oh that’s why I do that!


Gina Balarin, Founder, Verbalistics

I'll be honest with you, I had never heard of the WHY institute until I was invited to take the test and I found out I was in the contribute category… and I thought…yep - that's like looking in a mirror. I recognize all of that, that’s me! That's exactly me! I feel that the different categories in the WHY that you guys have identified is important for leaders to understand. To know what they are to know what the rest of their team is as well. Because you want to draw the strengths from each individual for the collective good.


General Craig Whelden, Author, Fortune 500 Speaker

If you don’t have purpose, it’s hard to be happy. When you lose sight of what your purpose is, you lose sight of your happiness. The WHY Institute helps you get back to WHY, and your WHY is your purpose. They are tied together - contentment and purpose. The WHY Institute process helped me rediscover my purpose.


Alex Crecca, President, The Law Firm of Alexander D Crecca 

Discover your WHY workshop

Why your WHY Matters

We will give you the science behind your WHY and explain how this makes a difference in all parts of your life

Discover your WHY

You will discover your WHY live during our session through our online tool - in just 5 minutes you will discover your WHY!

Create personal meaning

Not only will you discover your WHY you will also uncover the personal meaning - how YOUR WHY can help you build the life YOU desire

Personal Growth Plan

You will uncover tips of how to effectively use your WHY and develop a personal plan to live a more purposeful life

Discover your WHY workshop

When I was introduced to the WHY Discovery tool I thought I had my WHY pretty locked in. I am a coach and have spent many years exploring my inner drive and purpose. Yet, within 5 minutes the WHY Discovery created amazing clarity of something I had been exploring for many, many years!


My name is Haydn Bratt and I am a coach and leadership expert - having worked with entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. I have always been inspired by the importance of Mindset and our inner framework. Then I discovered the WHY Institute and they WHY Discovery workshops. I loved it - and found out my WHY was to Find a Better Way and Share it...


Suddenly everything that I had been through in my life - all of the choices I had made, down to the way that I connected with others started to make sense! My entire career and a large part of my personal life has been to push the boundaries trying to find better ways to do things - always striving for improvement bot personally and professionally! And of course, when I find something cool I want to share it with others...


So - that is why I am here today - living out mu purpose wanting to help you discover your WHY so you can also start to live out your purpose and achieve personal fulfilment...

Discover your WHY workshop

In this LIVE 1 hour long workshop you will discover not only how to discover your WHY, you will also understand how knowing this is the most essential first step in starting to live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life.


This is not a recording - you will be LIVE with me to answer your questions and support you to make sense of your WHY

Understanding why your WHY matters: I will share with you the science behind the WHY - so not only will you discover your WHY you will also uncover the powerful reasons why this can be life changing.

Discover your WHY. There are 9 why's - you have one of them! When you discover yours you will feel like it has been written just for you! You will read things that you yourself say, you will recognise the reasons why you make the choices you do and most importantly why you sometimes feel frustrated or out of sorts. It's all about your WHY.

Gain clarity on your next steps. Discovering your WHY is only the first step - we will help you to understand HOW you can start to use your WHY in your life to make better choices. We will help you to design your life so that HOW you live and WHAT you do feels 100% aligned around your WHY

Discover your WHY workshop: 9th Aug (17.00)

Join me to personally help you discover your WHY and help you uncover how knowing your WHY will help you:

  • Make better decisions

  • Gain personal fulfilment

  • Get clear, stand out and Play Bigger!

  • Rediscover your personal motivation and passion

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